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Mobile Deposit FAQ

What is Mobile Check Deposit?
Mobile Check Deposit is a convenient, easy way to deposit checks from your mobile device into one of your accounts. With the Peoples Bank of East Tennessee Mobile Banking app on your iPhone®, iPad®, or device utilizing the Android® operating system, you can take a photo of your check, enter the check information and securely submit your deposit for processing.

What accounts are required to be eligible for use with Mobile Check Deposit?
Checking and savings accounts are eligible for Mobile Check Deposit.

Where can I find the Deposit functionality within my downloaded app?
All users should first download the latest version of the app from iTunes® or Google Play®. After successfully completing the login process, you can either select the deposit button from the home screen or the deposit button from the More menu to begin your Mobile Deposit. Only those that are eligible for Mobile Deposit will be able to continue the deposit process after login.

What if I don’t see the Deposit functionality within my downloaded app?
Only devices that have an auto focus with rear-facing camera are supported for Mobile Check Deposit. If you do not see a “Check Deposit” option in, your device likely does not have a camera with auto focus.

Can I use Mobile Check Deposit with any mobile device?
Eligible phones include:

  • iPhone® (3G or higher with iOS 7.1 or higher). Older iPhones® and devices without a camera are not supported.
  • iPad® (2 or higher with iOS 7.1 or higher). iPad Mini® is also supported (with iOS 7.1or higher). Other iPad® versions and devices without a camera are not supported.
  • The iPod Touch® is not supported at this time.
  • Android® (4.0 or higher operating system) with a rear-facing camera that supports auto focus.

You must also download and install the latest version of the Peoples Bank of East Tennessee Mobile Banking app from iTunes® or Google Play®.

Are there transaction limits with Mobile Check Deposit?
Currently, deposit limits are defined by Peoples Bank of East Tennessee.  The limits are as follows:

Daily (per business day) $2500
Monthly (per 30 calendar days) $10,000
Transactions per day 3

Is there a cost for Mobile Deposit?

5 deposits per month are included free with your consumer checking account.  Additional deposits will be $0.60 per deposit. Business customers see representative for fee schedule.

Are my checks deposited immediately?

Successfully submitting your check image with your mobile device will begin the deposit process. Deposits made before 4:00 PM EST will typically be available on the next business day.  Deposits made after 4:00pm will be processed the next business day and available the business day following.  Processing days for Mobile Deposit are Monday-Friday, with the exception of Federal Holidays.  Mobile Deposits are not available for viewing through Online Banking until daily processing completes.  Holds will be placed on individual deposits at our discretion.  We reserve the right to reject any item transmitted through the Mobile Deposit services, at our discretion.

How do I view my deposit history?

  1. Sign in to the Peoples Bank of East Tennessee Mobile Banking application.
  2. Select the “Deposit” functionality.
  3. Click on a single deposit history item to view the available transaction detail.

What should I do with the hard copies of my checks?
Retention and Disposal of Items. I agree to retain each Mobile Check Deposit item for 60 days after my funds have been posted to my account. After 60 days, I agree to dispose of the item(s) in a way that prevents representing for payment (i.e. shredding). Upon receipt of these funds I agree to mark the item prominently as “Void”, and I agree to store each retained item in a secured locked container until such proper disposal is performed.

What types of checks are not eligible for Mobile Check Deposit?

  • Foreign items – each item for deposit must have an MICR line at the bottom of the check that includes a Federal Reserve routing number
  • Altered/fraudulent checks
  • Money Orders
  • Traveler’s or gift card checks
  • Credit card checks
  • Post-dated checks
  • Stale-dated checks (checks older than six months)
  • Third-party checks
  • Image-replacement documents (check copies)
  • Deposits made to a payee who is not on the account
  • Checks not endorsed

How do I deposit a check?

  • Your check should have a valid account number and check number.
  • Before you begin, properly endorse your check with your signature. The endorsement should read: For Mobile Deposit Only at PBET, the last 4 digits of account number, and signature of the account holder.
  • Sign in to Mobile Banking and select “Deposit” functionality.
  • Select the “Deposit” button from the Home screen or the More menu and navigate to the check deposit screen. You will need to complete the check deposit form in order to submit your deposit request. Note: “Continue” will appear disabled until all required fields are completed.
  • You should make sure your check is placed on a dark, flat, well-lit surface.
  • Select either the “Front” or “Back” camera icon to take a photo of your check.
  • Align the check image with the Camera viewfinder frame. Be sure to take a photo of the check side that matches the helper text: “Front” or “Back” in the viewfinder.
  • Tap the camera icon in the viewfinder to take the picture. If the preview looks correct, select the “Checkmark” button. If not, simply tap the red “Redo” button and try again.
  • After you have successfully taken the “Front” and “Back” photos of your check, you will see small thumbnail image previews on the check deposit screen.
  • In the “Amount” field, enter the amount of the check you are depositing. Be certain the entered amount matches the amount on the check.
  • Tap the “Deposit To” field to select a deposit eligible account.
  • After all the required fields are completed, the “Continue” button will appear enabled.
  • Enter your email address in the “Email Receipt To” field if you would like to receive an email receipt of your deposit request.
  • Review your entries and select the “Continue” button to complete the form.
  • Select the “Approve” button to finalize and submit your deposit request.

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